I used to hate the beginnings of things because they’ve always had an end, but I’m hoping this will be different. If you don’t know me personally – wow, thank you for stopping by. And if you do love me, hi I love you, and let’s hang out soon yes?

You’d also know I spit out a million words a minute. My mind is always bustling with thoughts, ideas, and I’ve finally decided to be proactive and create a hub where all my creative juices can flow. In partner with this “blog” you can call it – I’m also going to be innovating my YouTube channel to coincide with some of the posts on here and vice versa.

I’ve chosen actions for the categories. The reason is because I want whoever comes across this to be able to feel that they are being active while being on here. So in true acronym fashion here’s…

What you can find:

Muse with music – My music playlists I have always joked around as being my diary entries. Here you can find what music i’m currently listening to; what new artists i’m finding; what my favorite albums, lyrics, songs & the experiences of any concerts/shows/festivals i’m going to.

My music choices serve as tools that I can use to reflect on a time period, memory, or person.

Identify your look – I’m always obsessed with finding new pieces; new beauty products; changes to my hair/look. Anything and everything you want to know about my ever changing (and hopefully improving) look will be on here.

Search for love – I almost hate this title because I believe love will find me when I least expect it, but as a title to discuss my dating life, and all things regarding romance, love and relationships can be found on here.

Have a thought – And in true Mish fashion, my random mumbo jumbo word vomit. Whenever I have a random thought or idea or become obsessed with something and have to share it… it’s going here. Almost like a miscellaneous category. I’m a very random, and spur of the moment kind of person, like that last minute Japan trip I took when really I’m too broke to afford Chipotle? Yup. Also if I’m taking on any challenges, or trying any experiments I’ll be documenting them here.

As with any new baby, I’m still learning. I have no clue NO IDEA what blogging is like. Hell, I don’t even know if I’ll be any good at it. So please be patient with me as I learn and progress and improve both as a person and blogger. (If you have any helpful tips, please send them my way)

And I’ll see all you beauties soon as I go edit the rest of this site!

Love love love,