I used to hate the beginnings of things because they’ve always had an end, but I’m hoping this will be different. If you don’t know me personally – wow, thank you for stopping by. And if you do love me, hi I love you, and let’s hang out soon yes?

You’d also know I spit out a million words a minute. My mind is always bustling with thoughts, ideas, and I’ve finally decided to be proactive and create a hub where all my creative juices can flow. In partner with this “blog” you can call it – I’m also going to be innovating my YouTube channel to coincide with some of the posts on here and vice versa.

As with any new baby, I’m still learning. I have no clue NO IDEA what blogging is like. Hell, I don’t even know if I’ll be any good at it. So please be patient with me as I learn and progress and improve both as a person and blogger. (If you have any helpful tips, please send them my way)

And I’ll see all you beauties soon as I go edit the rest of this site!

Love love love,