Your trial month is ending soon.


There’s something I forget to do. Something I forget to take in or let go of once in a while. and that’s: to take a breath.Β 

I’m usually a one-track mind…but that track that goes off in my head? Goes at the speed of a whirlwind. I catch myself over analyzing, over calculating, over obsessing over anything and everything which has been a great strength but also my Achilles’ heel. Because, doubt easily clouds over my mind and the moment something goes unplanned for worse versus better, I let that cloud consume me.

When the year first started, I reflected to 10 years ago – as a child, I let my imagination run wild and free. I dreamed I would one day be able to influence and entertain people. I wanted to be happy. Nothing was out of my reach…especially when my family laughed at those dreams.

Math and Science they’ve always pushed.

And though I thrived in those subjects in my education career, my heart to pursue a different avenue has always been there.

January 2018 was rough. But if there’s anything the past few years have taught me – it’s that 1) nothing comes from being comfortable, 2) my bounce back WILL ALWAYS be stronger than my setbacks, and 3) i need to dream and believe like that little girl I once was.

My 2018 vision board stands tall on my wall reminding me each day: what life do I want to create?! Why HAVEN’T I STARTED?! WHAT am I waiting for?!

It’s true. Consider this my trial month. And as it’s ending soon – I can easily switch avenues and pretend to be someone else I’m not with a “new account” to try again.

OR I can step up. Work hard. Play harder. Put in more effort. Take in more risks. and UPGRADE to the premium life I desire.

And to the future me reading this back: Take it easy on yourself. Goddamn you’ve only had the blog up for one day and you’re beating yourself up because you don’t know how to categorize your blog posts into pages? Breathe. Slow down. Rome wasn’t built in a day. Pace yourself and you’ll learn. πŸ™‚



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