JanUReady? – January 2k18 Playlist

As aforementioned – instead of diary entries; I find it easier to track my mood, memories, and emotions with the poetry of other artists: my music.

More recently then before (especially with the resources of technology) I have been able to share more of my music taste with you all – the world. It has not only helped me in ways not only by making stronger friendships thru our common love for music but also helped me feel understood…and discover other artists.

Each month I have people ask for the link to my playlists – I’m not saying I have the best taste; and I’m no DJ (hah, YET….sike who knows who knows) but it has been the highest form of flattery I could receive and I am so glad and humbled and HONORED that you have the interest in little old Chelle’s music diary.

Without further adew, January 2k18’s playlist:

Jan U Ready?

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Also, my biggest tip? Always listen on shuffle. 🙂

You know how you add some songs to your playlists and they don’t really suck but they kinda just exist….well with there being 31 days in January (I’ll pick 31 songs – even though my playlist has 129…and counting, oops) These are the top of the month’s playlist (Of course you can venture to the Spotify or Apple Music Playlists for other songs)

(Links will open in new tabs to their Youtube links)

  1. Shot for Me – Devon Baldwin (Explicit) – At first I had no idea this was a Drake cover, I’m dumb I’m dumb. Because when you listen to this – you can feel her emotion and pain. She’s probably experiencing a lot of emotions watching one of her first great loves build a new life with his new love. And that’s hard. I’ve definitely lost someone I really cared about in my life but have yet to have to see him build a new love with someone else. I too will probably be torn apart the day that happens. Image result for shot for me devon baldwin
  2. Icy Grl – Saweetie (Explicit) – Do you ever have that moment where you lose sight of who you are. You’re beaten down. You feel physically, mentally, emotionally you’re not in the places you want to be. We sometimes forget to celebrate and commend ourselves for where we are NOW. Being more present and appreciative of not only ourselves but the places we are in our lives. Why is it that we appreciate the good times when we’re in the bad. Can’t we appreciate the good and the “bad”? That’s what this song does for me. Image result for icy grl
  3. A Million Dreams –  Ziv Zaifman, Hugh Jackman, (The Greatest Showman) – Ok…there’s a reason why the end of December til now I’ve had the entire album in my playlist. This film has become my new all time favorite movie (a separate blog post on it’s own or else I will go on forever…) out of all the songs I chose this one because if you’ve seen the film you know this is the transition song (January my transition period?) from Hugh Jackman’s character, PT Barnum as a young kid to a man. I cry every time I see the film during this song because he, the character, has to endure so much and still be told the dreams – “the world he wishes to create” is impossible. And it reminded me of the wonder and creativity we had when we were kids. The freedom to believe “when I grow up….my dreams will become reality in world I’m going to live in” that we’ve gradually lost as we’ve gotten older. (This whole album is amazing) Image result for a million dreams
  4. Rewrite the Stars – Zendaya & Zac Efron All I’m gonna say is…. “You know I want you….it’s not a secret I try to hide” Image result for rewrite the stars
  5. Good Together (Acoustic) – Shy Martin – The original version is good too. I think this song does a very good job about describing a relationship where you both know you’re not right for each other yet things are sooooo good when you’re together in person. Image result for good together shy martin
  6. Superhuman – Slander feat. Eric Leva – I know this isn’t new, but it’s new for me to find it. I feel like this song is able to describe the fear of starting something new with someone yet you can’t deny the magnetic chemistry between you two…. 🙂 Image result for superhuman slander
  7. Vertigo – DOLF & Caroline Pennell – Vertigo is the state where things are moving around you and you’re almost stuck/still – can’t move. There were a lot of times January felt like that for me – where I felt like life was occurring and happening around me – and I was playing a more passive role, a bystander in my own story. Image result for vertigo dolf
  8. Blah Blah Blah – Artistic Raw feat Emelie Cyréus Have you ever gone on a date or just met someone in general that felt the need to exert their control, or just need to win every argument. It’s almost like they wanted to know that they’re smarter than you, only their ideas were right? They’re the ones that use jargon you don’t use on a day to day basis and instead of coming off as hotthey come off as pretentious and cocky. Image result for blah blah blah emelie
  9. Do Right – Glades – This is such a feel good song to remember that any friendship, relationship can be done right when you “do right by your neighbor and they’ll do right by you”. Image result for do right glades
  10. She Loves Control – Camila Cabello – Basically me. Image result for she loves control
  11. Finesse (Remix) – Bruno Mars feat Cardi B“DROP TOP PORSCHE…. Rollie on MY WRIST” (The Four Version is amazing too…UM ZHAVIAImage result for finesse cardi b
  12. Ain’t That Why – R3Hab & Krewella – When people play that they don’t want you…then they come back and though you’ve changed and moved on, they’re still stuck in the past. Image result for ain't that why r3hab & krewella
  13. Into You – Matisse & Sadko – I accidentally played this for this guy I went on a date with by accident. (He handed me the aux in his fancy Mustang sports car) And it’s funny because as low of the expectation I had for him before the date (I didn’t know he was rich until after okay) he blew my expectations out of the water. We definitely were able to build a deeper emotional connection underneath the physical connection….And yeah I was into him *teehee* (I feel like I’ve been afraid to let myself fall for someone or even fathom the idea of liking someone or being into them….this helps acknowledge, that hey those feelings are okay!) Image result for into you matisse
  14. Come Home – Sad Eye – This month I’ve done a lot of reflecting especially when someone from my past who I had last seen (about 2-3 months ago…lol the lyric) contacted me out of the blue and despite the fact that I hadn’t thought I’d hear from him ever, it was unexpected and I felt a lot of emotions and was trying to process them. Image result for come home sad eye
  15. Killing Me Softly With His Song – Zhavia version. SHES ONLY 16 can we just. Wow. She’s going to make it SO FAR. And wow she killed this version of the song. Could feel the vibes, the emotion. Made it so relatable. (SHE PERFORMED THIS SICK TOO!) Image result for killing me softly zhavia
  16. For You (Fifty Shades Freed) – Liam Payne & Rita Ora…. Not going to lie I finally watched the second movie this year, and dead ass CRIED (which I never do unless there’s a dog or child on the screen) but I cried  because I see myself a lot in Christian Grey’s character when it comes to being bad at relationships yet swallowing your pride and bettering yourself for hope that you’ve found that once in a lifetime love. Image result for for you liam rita
  17. Call Me – Tritonal; I love calls more than texts. (More personable; kinda old fashioned) So this song is literally me. Call me crazy, but hey at least youre calling. Image result for call me tritonal
  18. God’s Plan – Drake; “I don’t wanna die for them to miss me; Guess I see the things that they wishin’ on me” “ She ask do you love me, I tell her only partly, I only love my bed and my momma, IM SORRY” – Literally why is this every guy I get involved with. Image result for God's Plan drake
  19. Champagne Clouds – Malia Civetz ; This chorus gets me. Wow. When you’re driving down the road; just blast this chorus. Gets you in such a weird nice vibe/mood. I LOVE it. This song puts me in a dreamy state. Image result for champagne clouds malia
  20. The Middle – Zedd ft Marren Morris, GreyE V E R Y T H I N G Marren Morris is singing. Is me. Every single word. Why won’t he just meet me in the middle? Image result for zedd the middle
  21. 3:00 AM – Finding HopeLate night chills. (Highly recommend listening to at night especially if you’re up and reading this randomly and haven’t played any of the songs…Yep play this) When I first heard this I was actually was getting up at 2-3 am subconsciously with these thoughts. Late night thoughts. Wondering, calculating everything. Dreamed about someone, wake up, and boom there’s a text on my phone. This song describes the fact that I want to be able to tell that person how much I care still – the feelings they wonder if I still have – I do to a certain degree..have them. But you can’t tell them because you wonder if the place you’re in is risk leaving from if this all doesn’t work. But damn you let your thoughts consume you at 3am. Image result for 3 am finding hope
  22. Heaven – Julia Michaels (Fifty Shades Freed) This is by far their greatest soundtrack out of all three movies. “Love’s my religion but he was my faith.” “Falling for him was like falling for grace” Talks about catching yourself really fall for someone you didn’t expect to…and you don’t know if it’s right or wrong to be with them “Cause I’ll know it’s true….they say…all good boys go to heaven, but bad boys bring Heaven to you”. It’s the catch-22. Image result for heaven julia michaels
  23. BOOM – Tiesto, Gucci Mane, – K if there’s ever a song to wake you tf up or put you in a hoe dance mood. It’s this one. Damn this song is soooooo good. Love the beat. Love Gucci. Image result for boom tiesto gucci
  24. Static – Cazette – This song actually came out in 2016, but I heard it in a store and ya know, had to have it. Again like the others – I love the vibe and lyrics of this song. Very relatable. Image result for static cazzette
  25. S.L.U.T. – Bea Miller, You know those singers that you love but you forget exist and check up on to see what they’re up to? Well Bea Miller is that for me. I absolutely loved her music video for this. We’ve all had others place labels/rumors/their opinions on us – this is the reminder, to keep doing you boo boo.  Image result for slut bea miller
  26. Time – Swanky Tunes & Going Deeper – Love this jam. Love love love.Image result for time swanky tunes
  27. Jealous (No Sleep Remix) – KehlaniYou ever have those friendships/relationships where the person only wanted to be with you for physical reasons. It could be because of social status, or your money, or your other friends. They don’t care about your actual well being. They are parasites trying to feed off of you and shrivel away your happiness and to put you down and keep you down. Image result for jealous no sleep remix
  28. Bloom (Colin Parker Remix) – The Paper Kites; Cute romantic love song. Image result for bloom paper kites colin remix
  29. Your shirt (Yatsby Remix) – Y’lls know that I’m obsessed with Chelsea Cutler, can’t wait to see her in person! This song has always got me in the feels. “I don’t wanna miss somebody who’s not missin me” Well I love this remix, it had to make it onto my January playlist. Image result for chelsea cutler
  30. Uncover ( Millesim Remix) – Zara Larsson – Absolutely love Zara, and wish she had newer songs out, but this remix made this oldie back into a goodie for me. Image result for uncover zara
  31. ****Last but not least**** Outta Here (GUMMYB3ARS Remix) by Two CanOpen the lyrics up.       It describes how I felt about January especially towards the beginning of the month. Image result for outta here two can

Share your playlist with me! 🙂 Let me know what you’ve been listening to…. and if you dig/relate to any of the ones I’ve been listening to this past month!




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