Monday Motivation

I know it’s a Tuesday… but truthfully I was sick in bed all day yesterday so this is my real Monday.

Being sick and stuck in my bed helped me realize how energetic my mind is. It’s a catch-22: I’m in bed and therefore able to comprehend all the issues concerning my life: holes in friendships; debt I need to pay; appointments I need to attend; and future bills that are to come – on top of goal/dream planning; and designing the lifestyle I desire to live (yet on the otherhand I have zero energy to get out of bed to do any of those things with an eye infection and all the chills, nose running for its life; migraine that sounds like bullets in my head; and a bird’s nest of a mane).

Telling you it wasn’t a gucci mane.

But coming back to my real ” Monday ” aka today Tuesday, I’m tackling everything head on.

It’s difficult because as a 21 year old I want to fall back to my 2 year old self where everything was taken care of for me.

But no progress will come from it. True I truly have myself to get me out of the messes I myself have gotten myself into (thanks….younger, stupid me) but there’s no challenge God will place in our lives if we aren’t ready for them.

Comfort is the enemy of progress. And I’m ready to digest this progress.




Processed with VSCOcam with s2 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with s2 preset

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