Maybe we don’t just get 1 “Happily Ever After”

You know what they say. You’ve said. I’ve said. We’ve all said it at one point.
“Movies/TV Shows are unrealistic. They aren’t real.”

But they’re real people (sometimes CGI…) using their real experiences to convey a believable story.

Sure not all fuckboys have hearts in real life; and no the planet Valerian doesn’t exist; trapeze artists can’t sing and perform a musical number in one take and maybe mermaids really can’t walk on land while having perfect hair.

But these movies/tv shows/songs even maybe even music videos impact us because of how they relate to us.

They remind us to dream. To work hard. That hey maybe this isn’t the climax of your story where you’re on top of the world – but maybe it’s the beginning.

Maybe this is the development of your character before your ready to take on the biggest challenge yet.

But what after? Does it happen once and we accept it and we die and die after having had our happily ever after?

Or is it a vicious cycle that keeps looping over and over?

Until it…truly is the end? We all work hard towards our goals for that “One Day…. X will happen.”

Do we realize that we’re constantly saying that?

“One day I’ll be in first grade, and I’ll FINALLY have homework like the big kids on my block”

“One day I’ll be in middle school – I’ll have the best grades, have a cute boyfriend, and wear the best clothes” (Bless Justice & Limited Too for robbing my parents’ money)

“One day I’ll be in high school and PROM will be MAGICAL and everything will be perfect.”

“One day I’ll work at Disney as a princess, and then I’ll have it all”

“One day I’ll work at a nice company. Where I’ll have benefits, consistent money flow whilst pursuing other dreams on the side”

and it continues.

Along the way we’ll hid times where it seems we’re coasting and staying stagnant. Not knowing what our next “One day” is. Wondering…God damn, where is MY Happily Ever After?

But. isn’t life about creating happiness and finding it each and every day? Finding the values in the little successes, and even the failures. We appreciate the moments in our lives best once they’ve passed.

Hell, the beginning of this year I was swimming in debt I couldn’t see my way out, and now I’m going to Italy with one of the greatest friends I could have a month away?

I have friends who from far away I’m rooting for each and every day. I see their potential, their beauty, their weaknesses and their strengths (all beautiful) who still have those moments where they feel alone.

I feel that way sometimes.

I drive down PCH to get home. And with some music. I have all the time in the world to self reflect. And decide if I’m ordering food home that night, but besides the point.

I’ve noticed more recently than ever – I can drift off into a funk.

A funk that’s hard to get out of.

But once we think about things that make us happy. And the possibilities of the future. And the possibilities of what even the next day can bring. The endless dreams pull me out of the funk. And if you’re in one – I hope they pull you out of yours.







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