She’s baaack.

Hey guys!

Before you read this, scroll to the bottom of this page and CLICK PLAY. Go on. I’ll wait!



I’ve missed my creative outlet and I’ve missed catching up on everyone’s creative content. T h i s is what gives me life. And lets my hair down (ironic it’s currently in a messy ponytail).

Word vomit. Here we go. So I’m 22 now. Spent the craziest and wildest 10 days in Italy with a great friend of mine, Cynthia.

I want to do more. Tap into my potential. Be happy. And stop making excuses for myself.

I’ve been partaking in a spin class as a workout! And it’s been great. The coaches and owner are all so so so nice – it makes it easier to stick with them!

I moved. Had a career change. Had someone pass away.

And before I can even catch a breath something changes.

But a start back is a start.

My agency renewed my contract today so I think it’s a great time to really tap into what I believe my true calling is. To create and present a platform that is worth sharing and benefits not only myself but somehow someway, someone else.

And I truly am working on how I can change my current lifestyle to cater more to my dreams and goals. If you have any tips for me, shoot em down below!

Until then, keep checking back. Sign up for updates! Love y’lls

Mish Gao

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