self esteem.

gosh do you ever have those days where even though you’re doing your best. and true you may not be at where you want in life – but that life can be so trying.

like sometimes ngl, i wonder if people see me as the ugly one of the friend group.

when i get compared to awkwafina & london tipton for celebrity doppelgangers. thats fine. theyre beautiful successful women – but… theyre more known for their personalities and humor. would it kill someone to call me beautiful?

like i know society’s definition of beauty is what defines us and we all are victims to falling for people that have what society deems beauty.

but wow can it be such a dark place to surround myself.

what happens when i do become successful, have a great personality, and am myself – funny and the person i end up liking chooses someone skinnier than i, has better hair than me, more feminine, beautiful features, a more beautiful feminine voice.


all the characteristics of what society’s dream woman is.


and that person isnt me.


can we please redefine what beauty is. and how do i get out of this.

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