Not everyone is your friend & that’s OK.


one of the biggest struggles I feel like we as millenials or the younger generation faces is learning who’s really there for you and who isn’t.

who’s worth fighting for and who just needs to be let go

who’s down for you when you’re down and not just around for your peak moments.

so let’s talk about it and draw it out:

true friendship is when we fill each other’s cups. it’s when we are adding on to the essence of who we are as human beings. it’s when we know the other person’s darkest fears – and are the loudest cheerleaders for when they succeed,

toxic friendship is when each time we speak its a game. no one’s truly communicating. the words we use secretly or sometimes vividly tear the other person down. we guard ourselves from the person. we don’t quite let them go until either one of us breaks. sometimes its both. sometimes the weak will stay until they defend themselves to a point where the one attacking is fed up and walks away. let them. you should’ve left them a long long time ago.

run away. let them ago. it’s better to be in the great company of yourself than it is to be in the mist of bad company.

there’s some fights in relationships/friendships where we get close and wonder if we’ll cross the line of breaking it off. some will dance over this line – some will sit near it until it breaks itself… and a lot of us fear it.

we needn’t fear it. bc when we’re living in fear we’re not living or being our best selves.

know your value. know your worth. and know when its ok for bad people to be gone.

hey october will be over before we know it.

we dont have time for spooky season to lead into a time of thanks and a time of merry and cheer.

til next time — stay fly & be you. tiful.



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