πŸ–€ thank u, next πŸ–€

my god. if there’s not one thing u know about me – its hi, im mish & ive been and still am an ariana grande stan/fan. like lowkey hoping one day i’ll get to be like her friend or something one day – i feel like it could happen?

but wow. there has never been one piece of art that i’ve identified more with than her song, thank u next.

i feel like gratitude is sometimes rare during the darkest moments of our lives. and being young but also adults – it’s so easy to find ourselves being petty, playing games. whether that be ghosting people – communication is always key, yo.

her breakup song couldve been petty and still been a hit. but my god those lyrics from the mature place of her loving heart you can feel what shes going thru.

and when u say/sing/cheer/chant the words alongside her, you too are manifesting this positive, grateful heart and mindset in your life. #thankuNEXT

self love self care. ya gotta tend to your own heart first.

everything and anything we could ever want grows from within first. remember that.

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