t h a n k f u l & g r a t e f u l


happy lovin myself movember, superstar!

it’s close to the end of the year and as we approach thanksgiving – i wanted to digest the things that have made me so thankful and grateful for each day that comes my way!

  1. to all the friends i’ve loved, made, lost, and had this year: thank u ❤ im grateful for all of you. no matter how close we’ve gotten. no matter how much we talk. no matter if we both had to walk away from what we had – thank ye. each of u taught/teach me something different as time grows, we do too. any confidence, any love ive had, any mini successes, any dreams i had – all came bc of u.
  2. so thankful for my career/job. thankful to f I n A l L y being able to work in a field im more passionate about. hello – surrounded by music, young people, and working in marketing? this was my dream from the first day i stepped foot at cal state fullerton. and it helps pay the bills, allows me to travel, provide for lil vincent, get the occasional tattoo, live on my own, etc.
  3. m u s i c. as cheesy as it sounds. im so thankful for all the music i’ve heard – whether it be at a random store, or through a friend. sure time can heal, but music has helped heal so much of my pain by the simplicity of helping me feel understood. if you wanna know what im listening to this november, here ya go.
  4.  vincent. my youngest, littlest (kinda chunky tho) baby 4ever brother. i love him so so so much, if you didnt already know. (i have his initial tattoo’d on my right wrist). each day, each moment i spend with him – teaches me more about the simplicity of happiness &&& putting his love & happiness before mine. he’s a good person. has such a big heart. and he’s crazy smart. he knows who hurts him & who loves him. he does. and he has my trust & my heart. love that big kid.
  5. God & le Universe: thank You. you keep me sane. you keep me humble. most importantly you provide me with more than enough miracles to have Hope.
  6. to the failures ive had this year: thank you. hearing “no” or hearing nothing back sometimes is too difficult to chew – but hell, i wouldnt be where i am without hearing no. i wouldnt know what i truly wanted had those occurences not had happened. so, thank you. *smiles*

and sure this post is vague. but, i really want to start posting more content. im kind of brewing some ideas for my youtube//


/// also might be going to bali in december …. so travel videos soon!!!

also please help me – should i start an advice video, spill the tea on my exes (thank u next inspired?) – fellow bloggers, hello readers, help me out ❤


xo xo



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